RIPERN Support Network

The Rural and Isolated Practice Endorsed Registered Nurse (RIPERN) role will complement and supplement the existing clinical team’s capacity to provide urgent and primary healthcare to people who make unplanned visits to the emergency/urgent care centres of rural hospitals. ...

The RIPERN function means that in the absence of a doctor or nurse practitioner who is able to provide a prescription or medication order, the RIPERN nurse may administer or supply medicines approved by the Minister for Health, according to the health management protocols contained in the Primary Care Clinical Manaual (PCCM) in specified rural services and when authorised by their employer.

There are a number of tools which have been developed to assist with the introduction of the RIPERN model into local health services. Further information can been accessed on the Department of Health and Human Services website

 Grampians Regional RIPERN Support Network

The Grampians Region RIPERN support network has been in place since 2014 and continues to be a valuable support for both RIPERN nurses and health service executives. The network is open to all who have an interest in the RIPERN model. The Terms of Reference and meeting dates are below.

Meting Dates for 2017

  • 2 February 2017 2.30pm to 3.30pm via v/c
  • 4 May 2017 2.30 to 3.30pm via v/c
  • 3 August 2.30pm to 3.30pm via v/c
  • 2 November 2.30pm to 3.30pm via v/c

Educational opportunities

The Grampians Regional are currently offering educational days for RIPERNs both training and those endorsed. Programs for 2017 will be planned late 2016.

RIPERN Forum 2016

In February 2016 the Grampians Region conducted a RIPERN forum in Ballarat which provided information on the development of the RIPERN model in Victoria, information on drugs and poisons legislation. The program also covered credentialling and advanced practice, peer review and documentation. 

Resources including the toolkit and policy framework continue to be valuable resources for implementing the RIPERN model.  Visit RIPERN resources.